Mechanical Units for sale

We offer mechanical aeration units in different models and formats. We have a range of prices and pipe invert levels available. The products are certified for use in Ireland by the appropriate bodies. We offer top quality products at competitive prices.

Mechanical Units

Our high efficiency sewage treatment systems employ well proven process formats to achieve an excellent standard of waste water treatment . These are top quality products with a proven track record. Our units meet all certification requirements. Mechanical units provide suitable treatment for sites that are not suitable for a conventional septic tank. They are suitable to use where drainage is not adequate for a septic tank, these products treat waste water to a high standard and give customers the option of discharging the treated water at a high standard to regular pipe invert levels and also offer the option of pumping treated waste water to higher levels like to a raised  mound or up-hill .  
Mechanical Aeration units
Mechanical Aeration Units for Sale in Ireland
Mechanical Unit Drawing
Mechanical Unit for Sale in Kerry Ireland
RBC Unit for sale kerry ireland
RBC Unit for sale kerry ireland
RBC Units for Sale in Kerry Ireland
RBC Units for Sale in Kerry Cork Limerick Ireland