Wastewater Products Sales and Installation

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Wastewater products we sell top quality fully certified products to treat the sewage outflow from houses.

Our approach to the sale is fully focused on selling the correct product for that site, we are not interested in any gimmicks that would lead to one of our customers buying the wrong product. Our sales staff has an engineering background and will always endeavor to give honest and correct advice to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. We strive to be competitive with our prices but we will ensure to be diligent in our dealings with our customers to offer them the right advice and product for their site. . Because we understand the engineering characteristics of the installation of a product and the impact of its surrounding environment as an important factor when selecting the correct item our range is extensive and we aim to provide a solution for all type’s of sites, which are suitable for a wastewater treatment system. We can organise Percolation testing of a customer’s or potential customers site either for a planning permission application or the up grading of an older house. We can supply a quality installer to install the products properly. Engineering supervision and certification is another service available. As well as these we can supply the servicing and maintenance of the product’s also.

Products Available:

Mechanical Aeration Units

Intermittent Filters

Rainwater Harvesting Products

Pump Stations

Seperators and Interceptors

Non-returnable Valves

Product Selection.

At point of sale we offer a site visit from an environmental expert who will go through either your planning file and select the correct product from it, if you are a client who has not recently had a planning permission granted, for example older houses from the pre planning era we offer a percolation test / site assessment which includes a correct, up to standard and insured design for your on site sewer system.

We organise all of the following:

Site Visits

Review of planning permission files

Review of existing systems.

Service Contracts.

Installation of Products.

Note: Installation of products is done by our external installers.